Individual market not feasible replacement for employer-based coverage, survey concludes

The individual health insurance market isn’t a feasible replacement for employer-based coverage.  So concludes the 2011 Commonwealth Fund Health Insurance Tracking Survey.  The survey of 2,134 U.S. adults found 25 percent experienced a gap in their health insurance in 2011, with a majority remaining uninsured for one year or more. Losing or changing jobs was the primary reason people experienced a coverage gap.

“The individual market has proven to be a weak stop-gap option for families who lose employer insur­ance,” the survey states.  It reported those who attempted to find coverage in the individual market reported substantial difficulties finding affordable coverage that met their needs. Almost half of those surveyed ended up going without coverage as a result, with affordability the most common reason for not purchasing a plan.


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  1. MedicareMan

    Sort of a moot point as PPACA will enhance individual plans to as good a group plans.

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