Integrated Benefits Institute: Poor Health Costs U.S. Economy $576 Billion

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SAN FRANCISCO – September 12, 2012 – With the upcoming presidential election hinging on health care and the economy, analysis shows that poor health and its impact on productivity costs the U.S. economy $576 billion per year. This is according to estimates by the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), a nonprofit health and productivity research organization.

In addition to showing the entire financial burden of poor health, IBI researchers found that 39 percent—or $227 billion—is due to lost productivity associated with poor health. Lost productivity results when employees are absent due to illness or when they are underperforming due to poor health (“presenteeism”—when employees are at work but not performing at their peak).

This is a staggering number and clearly indicates Americans need to change how they work and live to achieve healthier and more balanced lives.  The status quo harms their quality of life as well as the fiscal health of their employers.


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