California state building boondoggle squanders millions, presents workshifting opportunity

The Sacramento Bee today has an item on the California State Board of Equalization’s longstanding problems with its high rise building in downtown Sacramento. The state continues to throw good money after bad trying to remedy the problems that according to the Bee story include leaking windows, burst water pipes, toxic mold and faulty elevators. Another $4 million will be allocated for the latest remediation project on top of $65 million spent over the building’s 22-year lifespan.

It’s time to make lemonade from this big lemon. How? By putting the workers assigned to the building into a workshifting program that allows them to work from their homes or other locations in their communities (such as distributed workplaces) where they can be productive. That would save the taxpayers yet more wasted millions while at the same time getting workers out of a less than healthy environment and freeing them up from wasted, stressful commuting time each day. That additional free time can also benefit the state’s finances by giving those workers more time to engage in health promoting behaviors that can lead to better health outcomes and reduced heath care costs.


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