Iowa would fully subsidize newly eligible Medicaid beneficiaries for exchange plans

According to the story at the KCRG-TV9 website, under the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan devised by state policymakers, Iowans eligible for expanded Medicaid coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with incomes between 101 and 138 percent of federal poverty levels would purchase private coverage sold on Iowa’s health benefit exchange. Iowa is one of several states that have opted to run its exchange in partnership with the federal government.

For this population, there would be a caveat attached to their premium subsidies. They would have to undergo yearly health screenings and follow a doctor-directed wellness regimen.  Beneficiaries that comply would have their premiums fully subsidized under the Medicaid expansion.  Those who do not would have to pay a share of their future premium costs as contemplated under the Affordable Care Act’s advance tax credit subsidies based on household income.  The novel plan would require a waiver from the federal government’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


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