Paper discusses how states can share exchange marketplace knowledge, experience and functions

As has been pointed out on this blog, the Affordable Care Act contains options for health plan issuers to sell plans across state lines as well as for state health benefit exchange marketplaces to form regional exchange marketplaces with other states.

For those interested in an in depth discussion of the potential areas of interstate cooperation in the exchange marketplace, the National Academy of State Health Policy has published a paper on the topic, State Sharing of Insurance Exchanges: Options, Priorities, and Next Steps from the West Virginia Regional Exchange Study.

The project was initiated and funded by West Virginia out of that state’s concern that its relatively small, poor health status population may not make for an actuarially viable exchange marketplace. The paper posits that the current federal partnership exchange model where the federal and state governments jointly operate the exchange may provide the best environment to explore and develop sharing functions among exchanges as the partnership exchanges consider becoming state-based or regional exchanges.


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