Health care cost tsunami crests with burgeoning boomer waistlines

The sheer size of the Baby Boomer demographic is setting up a huge tidal wave of health care costs that will only increase as the Pepsi Generation turned Fat Generation ages into their 70s. “[T]he boomers are aging into obesity-related illnesses, which will translate into a cost crisis for health care and Medicare,” said Rich Hamburg, deputy director of the Trust for America’s Health, in this article published in todays’ Sacramento Bee, calling the trend “an epidemic.”

The article cites expert opinion calling for a cultural shift away from excess food consumption similar to the decline of tobacco use over the past few decades. I would add a reprise of the 1970s and 1980s — when exercise was the in thing and many jogged, went to the gym and otherwise regularly engaged in daily activity – is also needed.

A good start would be switching off the sedentary commute-to-cubicle treadmill that has essentially turned offices into fat farms. With today’s maturation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that makes working most anywhere possible, there is little need for the daily trip to a commute-in office. Ditching the commute would free up time people need to engage in health promoting behaviors and daily exercise and help them avoid the unvirtuous cycle of “too busy” and “too pooped when I get home from work” that makes eating more appealing then exercise.


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