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If Halbig becomes law of the land, flight to bronze and cat plans could result

One potential outcome should the federal courts ultimately determine that advance income tax credit premium subsidies are available only to eligible households purchasing individual coverage in state-based health benefit exchanges and not in states that have opted to have the federal government run their exchanges is a flight to bronze. Bronze as in the metallic value of qualified health plans that have around a 60 percent actuarial value (AV), meaning they cover on average 60 percent of expected costs in a plan year. (Click here for more background the Halbig ruling)

Individuals may find the only way to comply with the requirement they have some form of health coverage or pay a tax penalty is to buy a bronze-rated plan since these plans offer the lowest premiums compared to richer plans with silver (70 percent AV), gold (80 percent AV) and platinum plans (90 percent AV). For many individuals and families not covered by employer-sponsored or government health plans, bronze plans may be the only ones they can afford without the offsetting effect of the premium subsidies — particularly older people in the top one third of the age rating bands who pay the highest premiums.

In addition to bronze plans, there could also be a growth market in catastrophic plans that are rated below 60 percent AV. These plans are available to those aged 30 and under and households that would have to spend more than eight percent of their income to buy the lowest cost bronze plan offered. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also provides an exemption from the tax penalty for these households, which could result in some requesting the exemption and going without coverage, undermining the law’s policy goal to reduce the number of medically uninsured Americans.

A flight to bronze plans could also give a boost to direct primary care (DPC) where patients pay advance monthly or annual fees for primary care since bronze and catastrophic plans aren’t designed for those who are frequent users of primary care services.


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