Health plan issuers concerned individual mandate being weakened

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act aimed to remedy market failure in the individual health insurance market segment by effectively forcing sellers and buyers to get together. On the sell side by requiring health insurers to accept all applicants for coverage regardless of their medical condition or history and providing premium subsidies to make coverage more affordable. And on the buy side by mandating all U.S. citizens obtain individual coverage if they are not covered by a private or public health plan under pain of a tax penalty.

However, individual health plan issuers worry that the mandate is being weakened by a growing list of exemptions, according to this Wall Street Journal item. In particular, they are concerned that too many younger individuals who tend to use fewer medical services and cost less to cover will be exempted from the mandate, undermining the actuarial viability of the market.

“To make these new reforms work, there needs to be broad participation in the system,” Karen Ignagni, president and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans, told the newspaper.


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