Blue Shield pares individual market presence in California localities

From Fremont, Monterey, Nevada City and Point Reyes Station, wealthy and poor areas alike can no longer buy an individual insurance policy from Blue Shield. The gaps are particularly felt in Northern California, in areas where there is only one choice of insurer in the exchange.

“I have had clients from other areas of California, and they live in the bay area or here or there, and I do it for them and, wow, there’s six insurance companies or seven insurance companies,” says Lomas. “I think that was when I first realized how truly we were getting the shaft up here.”

Blue Shield of California declined an interview, but said it’s not selling in certain areas because it couldn’t find enough providers willing to accept payments that would keep premiums low. The company also said it is not selling in areas where there is no contracted hospital within 15 miles.

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When networks narrow, it can be hard to find enough providers in a given local market willing to work for lower narrow network reimbursement rates employed to hold down premium rates. This development shows how difficult it is for health plans to achieve both affordable premiums and access to providers and what happens when that balance can’t be struck and the network begins to fray.


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