SCOTUS should issue ruling in King v. Burwell ASAP

The U.S. Supreme Court should issue its ruling in King v. Burwell regarding the availability of advance premium tax credits in the nearly three dozen states where the federal government operates state health benefit exchanges as soon as possible. Waiting to issue its decision at or near the expiration of its current term at the end of June will produce months of needless uncertainty adversely impacting the policy planning of the states with federally facilitated exchanges (FFEs), particularly given that many of their legislatures are in session now and considering contingencies including establishing state-based exchanges should the subsidies be ruled illegal in those states.

If the subsidies are found to be contrary to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — even though there’s at least an even chance they will not — states will need sufficient time to authorize and set up their own exchanges and select exchange qualified health plans prior to the start of plan year 2015 open enrollment on November 1. Health plan issuers also need to know if the subsidies will be available in order to make decisions as to what if any plans they will offer in the affected FFE states. Finally, with Congress trapped in partisan gridlock, there is little likelihood of a quick fix from the legislative branch of the federal government if the subsidies are cut off in the FFEs. It’s up the the judiciary to end the uncertainty. A rapid ruling would also be consistent with the high court’s expedited decision to hear the case before a full split could develop among the U.S. circuit courts of appeal.


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