New eBook: Greater adoption of information and communications technology for knowledge work supports healthier lifestyles

As I’ve noted on this blog in the past, a major factor driving the health insurance crisis is preventable chronic conditions that can be avoided with greater individual investment in health promoting activities such as getting sufficient amounts of exercise and sleep and eating a healthful diet.

The commute-to-sit-in-an-office-or-cubicle lifestyle, where most waking hours are spent sitting, tends to work against this. It is linked to poor health and well-being because of the lack of time for meaningful daily exercise. Toss in too little sleep and frequent consumption of fast food and takeout meals during the workday and after work and we have the ingredients of the unhealthful lifestyle of all too many office workers.

Maintaining good health is the number one responsibility they owe themselves, their families and their organizations and clients. But ultimately, this is an individual responsibility and not that of their employers, health insurance plans, or healthcare providers. Organizations must afford knowledge workers the maximum ability to exercise—literally—responsible lifestyle choices to honor that obligation. In turn, employers will reap reduced healthcare costs, lower employee turnover, and improved staff attraction and retention.

Fortunately, broader adoption of today’s communications and information technology can free up the time office workers need to more fully invest in healthful lifestyles. Now nearly any setting can function as an office provided people can concentrate on their work, collaborate with colleagues and be productive.

My new eBook, Last Rush Hour: The Decentralization of Knowledge Work in the Twenty-First Century, describes the forces driving this trend and how it will benefit individuals and organizations and ultimately how it will impact where people choose to live and work.

The book is thoroughly researched, containing nearly 100 reference citations. Last Rush Hour is available through all major online book retailers including Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and other online eBook retailers.


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