ACA Section 1332 state innovation waiver analyzed as political pressure relief valve

I’ve previously written about a little noticed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provision at Section 1332 of the law that could have major implications for how states implement the law. It’s now getting notice from a major think tank, the Brookings Institution, which analyzes the Section 1332 state innovation waiver provision as a political pressure relief valve for gridlocked Washington and for states that continue to have difficulty accepting the law’s prescriptions for reforming their health insurance markets that are mandatory for plan years 2014-16.

It’s a big deal because it allows states to dispense with several of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance market reforms starting in 2017 including the shared responsibility mandates and the requirement that all states have a health insurance exchange serving individuals and small employers. But states must first persuade the federal government they can operate their own state programs providing coverage on a par with value and affordability as under the Affordable Care Act requirements. If successful, states would be eligible for federal funding for their proposed programs.


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