California exchange enrollees healthier than expected

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A new study in the journal Health Services Research found that analyzing state data on health care usage by Covered California enrollees helped demonstrate that many were healthier and presented less risk to insurance companies than anticipated, helping drive down the cost of health premiums offered through the exchange in 2015.The study, “Sorting Out the Health Risk in California’s State-Based Marketplace,” which was published online June 9, 2015, found that giving health insurance companies the data needed to estimate the amount they would pay or receive from a special risk-adjustment pool helped them know they could reduce their rates in many cases. “After receiving these findings as part of their negotiations with Covered California, health plans covering the majority of enrollees decreased their proposed 2015 rates, saving consumers tens of millions of dollars in potential premiums,” the study stated.

Source: Covered California Daily News: Covered California Saved Consumers Tens of Millions of Dollars in Premiums in 2015 Through Innovative Data Analysis


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