Obamacare rates to rise 4% in California for 2016 – LA Times

Defying dire predictions about health insurance rate shock across the country, California’s Obamacare exchange negotiated a 4% average rate increase for the second year in a row.The modest increase for 2016, announced Monday, may be welcome news for many of the 1.3 million Californians who buy individual policies through the state marketplace, known as Covered California.California’s rates are a key barometer of how the Affordable Care Act is working nationwide, and the state’s performance is sure to be hotly debated among supporters and foes of the healthcare law, including the current crop of presidential candidates.

Source: Obamacare rates to rise 4% in California for 2016 – LA Times

What’s notable about this figure is it is lower than the closely watched barometer of CalPERS health plan cost trends for large group health plans that have traditionally had less rate volatility and lower increases than individual plans such as those sold through Covered California.

By comparison to the four percent increase for 2016 Covered California plans, HMO plans for California state and local government employees and their dependents are set to increase on average by 7.2 percent next year and 10.8 percent for PPO plans.

However in Northern California, Covered California plans will on average track the CalPERS statewide average. According to Covered California, premiums in that half of the state will rise by an average of seven percent for plan year 2016.


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