Departure of most loss and risk leveling mechanisms poses major test for ACA individual market reforms

A major test of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s individual market reforms begins with health plans effective next year — plan year 2017. That’s when two of three mechanisms designed to prevent big spikes in plan premium rates are set to go away. Their goal is to provide a degree of premium stability for plan years 2014 through 2016. They do so by balancing the spread of risk and losses among all health plan issuers, particularly given the uncertainty with the move to modified community-based rating in place of medical underwriting of individuals and families starting in 2014.

Gone will be reinsurance for plans sold through state health benefit exchanges to protect plan issuers from exchange enrollees who incur very high medical costs. Also going away is the risk corridors mechanism under which individual and small group plans whose members incurred costs exceeding 103 percent premiums collected receive subsidies from plan issuers having losses below 97 percent of premiums. Left in place for 2017 and later years is the loss leveling mechanism known as risk adjustment — whereby health plan issuers with plans having fewer members with high risk chronic health conditions transfer funds to those with higher numbers of members with such conditions.

Two big questions going forward 2017 post are 1) whether the risk adjustment mechanism alone will keep premiums from shooting upward as plan issuers signal robust premium increases are in the works for 2017 and 2) whether risk adjustment will ward off adverse selection against exchange plans by leveling risk among plans sold both within and outside the exchanges given health plan complaints of high losses on exchange plans.

Over the longer term, a looming question is to what extent for profit health plans will continue to offer individual plans in the exchanges given their function as voluntary marketplaces. “All indications are that … most insurance plans on the exchanges are yielding zero percent at the very most,” notes Vishnu Lekraj, senior equity analyst with Morningstar.


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