The states with the biggest Obamacare struggles spent years undermining the law

As insurers exit Obamacare marketplaces across the country, critics of the Affordable Care Act have redoubled claims that the health law isn’t working. Yet these same critics, many of them Republican politicians in red states, took steps over the last several years to undermine the 2010 law and fuel the current turmoil in their insurance markets. Among other things, they blocked expansion of Medicaid coverage for the poor, erected barriers to enrollment and refused to move health plans into the Obamacare marketplaces, a key step to bringing in healthier consumers.

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There are many fewer options in states whose leaders have spent years working to sabotage the law.

Source: The states with the biggest Obamacare struggles spent years undermining the law

It is inaccurate to describe red states as “sabotaging” Obamacare. The ACA is a federal-state initiative that afforded a good degree of policy latitude to the states, with that freedom vis Medicaid expansion broadened by the USSC in NFIB v. Sebelius (2012).

The real issue is there is no policy consensus among the states re health care reform notwithstanding broad agreement that reform is essential. Also, the individual market poses enormous challenges re achieving spread of risk to ensure this market segment’s long term actuarial viability. Contributing to that challenge is a culture that does not value health promoting lifestyles and regards medical care and insurance as high cost consumer commodities.


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