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Senate Democrats will never vote to repeal Obamacare. But once the deed is done, a surprising number of them say they’re open to helping Republicans replace it.“If it makes sense, I think there’ll be a lot of Democrats who would be for it,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).As Republicans aim to make good on their years-long vow to quash Obamacare and replace it with their own health care vision, they’ll have to do something Democrats were never able to: Bring members of the opposing party on board. Enacting any substantive alternative will take at least eight Democratic votes in the Senate.

Source: Democrats open to replacing Obamacare – POLITICO

This item points up the political reality that while one party — the GOP — can defund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act via budget resolution, it will take members of both parties to replace it in order to get the necessary 60 yes votes in the Senate to head off a long filibuster. That gives minority Democrats a large degree of influence over the law’s successor.

The pressure for a deal on that legislation during the first quarter of 2017 will be intense. Both parties will hear plenty from constituents concerned they will lose their health coverage. They will also hear from health plan issuers who fear a meltdown of the individual market segment and may demand a bailout to remain in the market. Health care providers and especially hospitals will also weigh in with urgency, concerned a loss of the individual market as well as more expansive Medicaid coverage in most states under the ACA will lead to a jump in uncompensated care.


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