Politicians focus on wrong part of health-care problem: Advisor

Carolyn McClanahan, a certified financial planner and physician, believes there are some commonsense solutions to fixing the health-care system, and she feels the politicians are actually the problem and not the problem-solvers. “With the health-care system being so complicated, one of the problems I have is that the politicians are focusing on the wrong things,” said McClanahan, founder and director of financial planning at Life Planning Partners. “The No. 1 concern with health care right now is that we have a broken system and we need to fix the system. “And politicians are unfortunately focusing on how we pay for health care and not focusing on the cost of health care.”

Source: Politicians focus on wrong part of health-care problem: Advisor

McClanahan’s right. A far more holistic analysis is necessary whenever dealing with a complex system such as medical care costs and their financing. Since most agree costs have grown to unstainable levels and chew up far too many public and private dollars, that deserves a lot of attention. As well as thorough root cause analysis that takes into account population wellness and specifically how to increase it.

McClanahan’s thinking is on the right track. Fortunately, most people don’t need much medical care. The goal should be to ensure that cohort remains the majority and grows. We can’t get there with more medical care. Instead, more health care – engaging in health promoting behaviors and lifestyles — and developing health education and social values that support that are key.


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