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San Francisco offers additional subsidization for exchange plans

Covered California premiums are relatively affordable. The cheapest one for single San Franciscans earning $58,850 — the cutoff for the new city subsidy — would cost roughly $202 a month. But the cheapest plans have the highest deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses for doctor visits, hospital stays and drug prescriptions, potentially totaling thousands of dollars per year. And the subsidies for these expenses that are available in states with market exchanges, like California, come only with plans on the costlier “silver” tier. As a result, many residents choose to remain uninsured, said Colleen Chawla, deputy director of health at the San Francisco Public Health Department. This means people eligible for Covered California are turning to clinics intended for people who can’t get insurance at all or who have Medi-Cal, the state’s version of free medical insurance for very low-income residents.

Source: San Francisco to Expand Health Insurance Support – New America Media

In high cost areas like the San Francisco Bay Area, the Affordable Care Act’s advance premium tax credits and subsidies for out of pocket costs for silver tier qualified health plans aren’t enough of a positive incentive to encourage people to sign up for coverage.

The implication is in these very expensive localities, the cost of housing and other necessities of life simply leave no room to pay for health care and insurance. Since going without coverage subjects medically uninsured San Franciscans to the ACA’s federal income tax penalties, the city’s Bridge To Coverage rolling out this year provides an additional local government subsidy to defray the cost of plans purchased on the Golden State’s health benefit exchange, Covered California, for households below 500 percent of federal poverty level — a multiple higher than the ACA’s 400 percent cutoff for advance premium tax credit subsidies.


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