Growing interest in self insurance among mid-sized California employers

As group health insurance premiums continue to rise, HealthLeaders-InterStudy reports growing interest among mid-sized California employers in directly paying employee medical costs, known as self insurance.

The findings are reported in HealthLeaders-InterStudy’s proprietary California Health Plan Analysis.  The report notes CIGNA HealthCare is seeing “significant sales increase” in a self-funded product tailored to smaller groups, adding that other California group health insurers are expected to respond by developing self-funding products offering financing plans to mitigate the risk associated with paying all of a group’s medical claims.

Most importantly, since employers will be paying for their workers’ health costs out of their own coffers, they will have far greater incentive to promote employee wellness and management of chronic conditions.  So far, workplace wellness efforts have produced a mixed verdict in terms of their effectiveness.


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