The American Health Care Act isn’t Trumpcare. It’s a big bargaining chip.

The House budget reconciliation bill that makes radical fiscal tweaks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is not Trumpcare. Rather, it’s a major element of the Trump administration’s negotiation strategy to replace the Affordable Care Act as President Trump promised during the presidential campaign last year. Having business but no public policy background, Trump approaches policymaking as a sale and negotiation. Various analyses such as this one in today’s New York Times have concluded older people – who vote in greater numbers than younger ones — will come out a lot worse under the House reconciliation bill than the Affordable Care Act’s means tested (versus age-based) premium and out of pocket cost subsidies.

Those electors are pissed at that prospect and they’re showing up at Congressional district town halls to let their representatives know. Majority Republicans in Congress and the Trump administration know they are – and that they vote — and apparently intend to leverage that circumstance. The Republicans are essentially telling minority Democrats play ball and give us some support on a broader omnibus reform measure to succeed the Affordable Care Act, or else we’ll push this albatross of a reconciliation bill through since you lack the votes to filibuster it in the Senate. Without some Democratic support, any omnibus reform measure introduced as a regular (and not budget reconciliation) measure could be talked to death in the Senate by opposition Democrats.

It short, it’s a high stakes game of partisan chicken. The GOP is effectively saying to the Dems, unless you work with us and call off the Senate filibuster dogs, we’ll both potentially face the wrath of the voters in the 2018 midterm elections. The Trump administration is also developing a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) if Democrats won’t come to the table. It’s the administration’s proposed Market Stabilization rulemaking intended to bolster the individual health insurance market and keep plan issuers in the market for plan year 2018.


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