Back to the future for Nevada’s Silver State Health Insurance Exchange

Nevada’s Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (SSHIX) is asking the federal government to revert from a federally supported health benefit exchange back to an independent state-based exchange. The Nevada exchange began using the federal government’s online enrollment platform soon after its own platform faltered amid technical glitches in the first open enrollment for plan year 2014.

Prompting the move is concern over service quality and rising costs. “The Nevada Exchange is set to spend an estimated $7.2 million dollars to lease’s eligibility and enrollment platform in 2018; this number represents a fee increase from the estimated $5.5 million that will be spent in 2017,” SSHIX Executive Director Heather Korbulic wrote in an October 12, 2017 report to the exchange’s board of directors. “The decrease in service and increase in cost is unacceptable.”

Following a September meeting with federal officials, Korbulic reported the exchange received approval to move forward with a “blueprint” application – a business plan to make the case to the feds that the exchange can sustain itself financially and fulfill core functions of plan selection and consumer outreach and enrollment. “This is the first step in getting the Exchange on a sustainable pathway whereby we will have our own technology with sustainable cost structures and regular access to consumer information,” Korbulic wrote.


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