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Employer group coverage stumbling block for single payer

The bill’s authors haven’t announced how the program would be funded. And that’s where the biggest obstacle lies, said Oberlander: It would largely uproot California’s present system, in which roughly half of coverage is sponsored by employers. If “you’re going to take health insurance largely out of the market, you’re going to disconnect it from employers,” he said. “Then you have to make up all the financing that you’re going to lose.”There’s no way to make up for those lost employer contributions other than to introduce “very visible taxes,” Oberlander said. And that’s not the only reason why a single payer plan would be controversial. “A lot of people are satisfied with what they have,” he said.

Source: While Washington Fiddles, California Leaders Forge Ideas For Universal Health Care | California Healthline

As this article points out, the largest obstacle to creating a single payer health care financing system is the seven decade history of employer group health coverage covering the majority of American adults and their families. The fundamental conflict boils down to how health care is paid for: as an employee benefit or as a government service.

Even though large states like California might have the fiscal and political economies of scale to make single payer pencil out — particularly if it is able to negotiate better value for health care dollars spent — rethinking the financing scheme requires a big conceptual, out of the box leap that makes U.S. health care reform a wicked problem.


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